Boot Repair

Dawson can do small repairs all the way up to full sole replacement and heel replacement on both cowboy boots and work boots. We can also repair damage from Fido, stains, and salt. We color match laces on work boots and polish, as well as perform shines while your shoes are in for repair. We provide leather conditioning with a variety of different products and waterproofing when requested. We can also apply heel and/or toe guards to protect your boots from the most worn areas of the sole.  We can widen your boots for a more comfortable fit, and we can also perform orthotic build up’s 1/16th-4inches.


Dawson can restitch loose areas of the boot and provide insoles for a more comfortable fit. We also perform many special requests and we may ask you to bring your boot in so we can visualize the damage and give you an accurate quote and provide a description of the repair it will need.